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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, it's me Katyusha, and today we're going to be talking about 10 reasons to learn Russian. Of course Russian, what else? Now let's find out what kind of reasons those could be.
1. Моя семья из мест, где говорят на этом языке. (Maya sem'ya iz mest, gde gavaryat na etam yazyke.) "My family come from a place where this language is spoken."
So I guess it's somewhere in Russia, I guess.
2. Это важная часть моей религии. (Eta vazhnaya chast' mayey religii.) "It's an important part of my religion."
Well, if your are Orthodox and you wanna read the Bible in Russian, I guess you have to learn it, for a long time.
3. Это красивый язык. (Eta krasivyy yazyk.) "It's a beautiful language."
Russian is considered one of the beautiful languages and we have a lot of writers, Russian writers, and if you love literature, I will understand that you would like to read those books in native Russian language.
4. Я живу в стране, в которой говорят на этом языке. (Ya zhyvu f strane, f katoray gavaryat na etam yazyke.) "I live in a country that speaks this language."
I guess you would live in Russia or some other countries that use Russian language.
5. Я люблю культуру и людей, которые говорят на этом языке. (Ya lyublyu kul'turu i lyudey, katoryye gavaryat na etam yazyke.) "I love the culture and the people that speak this language."
Well, I guess you love everyone who speaks Russian, and that's very nice of you, thank you!
Я люблю культуру и людей, которые говорят на этом языке. (Ya lyublyu kul'turu i lyudey, katoryye gavaryat na etam yazyke.)
6. Я люблю путешествовать. (Ya lyublyu puteshestvavat'.) "I love traveling."
7. Я просто люблю изучать иностранные языки. (Ya prosta lyublyu izuchat' inastrannyye yazyki.) "I just love learning foreign languages."
8. Я хочу открыть свой разум и стать более международным. (Ya khachu atkryt' svoy razum i stat' boleye mezhdunarodnym.) "I just want to open my mind and become more international."
Especially if you want to do business or anything you do, your hobby is connected with Russia, of course, why not?
9. Я хочу понимать свои любимые песни, фильмы и передачи. (Ya khachu panimat' svai lyubimyye pesni, fil'my i peredachi.) "I want to understand my favourite songs, movies, and TV shows."
This is one of the reasons you can start learning Russian, just because you want to watch some Russian movies. Yay, nice! There's some really good Russian movies, check it out!
10. Язык нужен мне для работы. (Yazyk nuzhen mne dlya raboty.) "The language is useful for my job."
So those were 10 reasons to learn Russian! But do we really need a reason? No! Good luck with Russian, and talk to you later. Don't forget to subscribe! пока пока (paka-paka)!