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Lesson Transcript

Hello again, and it's me, Katyusha, with you and Russian language. So today we're going to be talking about 10 phrases to amaze native speakers. Wow! What's it going to be? You're gonna try amaze me, now let's begin!
1. Кроме русского, я также могу говорить на нескольких других языках. (Krome ruskava, ya takzhe magu gavarit' na neskal'kikh drugikh yazykakh.) "Apart from knowing Russian, I can also speak a few other languages as well."
That will be very impressive if you can tell me that in Russian. Wow!
2. Русский весело и легко учить. (Ruskiy vesela i lekhko uchit'.) "Russian is fun and easy to learn."
Maybe it's fun, yeah, but we're trying to make it easy for you.
3. Спасибо, но на самом деле я не носитель языка! (Spasiba, no na samam dele ya ne nasitel' yazyka!) "Thank you, but I am not a native speaker actually!"
Your Russian is so good that you have to say this.
4. У меня заняло всего год, чтобы заговорить свободно. (U menya zanyala fsevo got, shtoby zagavarit' svabodna.) "It took me only one year to become fluent."
5. Я буду говорить по-русски как носитель языка через три года. (Ya budu gavarit' pa-ruski kak nasitel' yazyka cheres tri goda.) "I'll speak Russian as a native speaker in 3 years."
Well, yes, three years is not bad, you can speak fluent like a native speaker. You never know!
6. Я изучаю русский в течение десяти лет. (Ya izuchayu ruskiy f techenie desyati let.) "I've been learning Russian for 10 years."
That's crazy!
7. Я изучаю русский самостоятельно. (Ya izuchayu ruskiy samastayatel'na.) "I'm learning Russian by myself."
I'm sure it's about you, you're learning by yourself, right?
“Good job!” Молодец! (Maladets!)
8. Я могу запомнить около 50 новых русских слов в день! (Ya magu zapomnit' okala pyatidesyati novykh ruskikh slof v den'!) "I can memorize around 50 new Russian words a day!"
That's me, I can do that.
9. Я могу смотреть русские фильмы без субтитров. (Ya magu smatret' ruskie fil'my bes suptitraf.) "I can watch Russian movies without subtitles."
That's impressive!
10. Вау, у вас нет акцента! (Vau, u vas net aktsenta!) "Wow, you don't have an accent at all."
Вау, у вас совсем нет акцента! (Vau, u vas safsem net aktsenta!) "Wow, you don't have an accent at all."
у вас совсем нет акцента! (u vas safsem net aktsenta!)
Ой, вы так хорошо говорите по-русски! Где вы изучали русский? (Oy, vy tak kharasho gavarite pa-ruski! Gde vy izuchali ruskiy?)
Я не могу поверить своим ушам! О боже!(Ya ne magu paverit' svaim usham! O bozhe!)
Вы точно не русский? Может, у вас родители русские, а? Нет?(Vy tochna ne ruskiy? Mozhet, u vas raditeli ruskie, a? Net?)
Amazing! You just amazed me with your Russian language abilities! Oh my god, I can't believe my ears and what I'm hearing. Maybe your parents are Russian? Maybe you're Russian? Are you sure you are not Russian?
Ok, so it was 10 phrases to amaze native speakers, and me Katyusha. Don't forget to subscribe! пока пока (paka-paka)!