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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Katya and today we are going to be doing top 25 Russian phrases. Let’s start начнем!
1. Здравствуйте. Hello
Здравствуйте. hello. For example, Здравствуйте, не подскажите, как пройти в библиотеку? Hello, could you tell me how to get to the library.
We also have another phrase for hello which is informal and sounds like Привет! hello.
2. Доброе утро. Good morning
Доброе утро. good morning. Whenever you wake up, you just go Доброе утро. or Доброе утро. sounds like that, okay.
3. Добрый день. Good afternoon
Добрый день. good afternoon. Добрый means that something is good. So people are wishing you something good in the day when you wake up, when they meet you at school in the day time or like in the evening but usually you say Привет! which is hello
4. Добрый вечер good evening
Добрый вечер good evening. I guess you can switch to Привет! If you talk to your friends but yeah if you talk to strangers, you better say polite way and say Добрый вечер good evening.
5. Добро пожаловать. Welcome
Добро пожаловать. welcome. You are welcome to come, right. Same as Russian, it’s good that you came. Добро пожаловать. Добро пожаловать в Россию! Welcome to Russia.
6. Как Вас зовут? What’s your name?
Как Вас зовут? What’s your name? So first, when you see a stranger, you have to say Здравствуйте.Как Вас зовут?
7. Меня зовут … my name is…
Меня зовут … and your name. My name is ... let’s practice. Здравствуйте.Как Вас зовут? Меня зовут Катя. how was it? Am I talking to myself?
8. Приятно познакомиться. Nice to meet you.
Приятно познакомиться. It was nice to meet you. Здравствуйте.Как Вас зовут? Меня зовут Катя. Приятно познакомиться. Got it?
9. Как дела? how are you?
When you meet anyone, you know you want to ask what? You want to ask how are you, right. So sometimes instead of hello, you just go how are you Как дела? Привет! Как дела? literally how are your things going? So now you can make a conversation
10. А у тебя? how about yourself
Привет! Как дела? Хорошо. А у тебя? and how are you doing? which makes sense. So they care about you. They want to know how you are doing and it’s nice.
11. Спасибо. Thank you
Спасибо. thank you Привет! Как дела? Хорошо. Спасибо. А у тебя?
12. Пожалуйста. Please, you are welcome
Пожалуйста. please or you are welcome. The difference in the please and you are welcome is just the way you say it. For example, mom, mom please I don’t want to go to school. Пожалуйста, мама, я не хочу идти в школу! which we can hear every morning or you can say, present an iPad for my friend and he is like Спасибо! and they go like Пожалуйста. like you are welcome
13. Что нового? what’s new
Что нового? what’s new. Basically it’s same as Как дела? just you want to know more details of how things are going. So Привет! Как дела? Что нового? Hi how are you? What’s new?
14. До встречи. See you later
До встречи. usually we don’t wave hands. See you later, see you soon. It means literally till next time I see you.
15. До свидания. Goodbye
or you can say пока пока which means bye bye.
16. Где находится туалет? Where is the bathroom
Где находится туалет? where is the bathroom. You can make a charter because the word находится literally means located or to be. It can be just cut out. So you can just say Где туалет? where is the toilet or you can ask Где здесь туалет? where is the toilet around here. It’s very important phrase because it’s not easy to find free toilets. Remember that one.
17. Сколько это стоит? how much does it cost?
Сколько это стоит? How much is it, how much does it cost. So try next time when you shop.
18. Я хочу заказать... I would like to order
Я хочу заказать... I would like to order something
Я хочу заказать салат. I would like to order salad.
You made up your mind. So you want to order this. So Я хочу if you want to say it in the more polite way for example, you are in very high end restaurant and so you want to be polite with the waiters, you can say Я бы хотел заказать... I would like to order.
Я бы хотел заказать чашечку кофе. I would like to order a cup of coffee. That would sound much nicer.
19. Счёт, пожалуйста. Check please.
Счёт, пожалуйста. The check please О, официант! Счёт, пожалуйста. Now you can have a dinner or lunch in the restaurant, that’s nice.
20. который час? What time is it?
который час? What time is it? Excuse me, what time is it now? Извините, который час?
21. Извините. I am sorry, excuse me.
Извините. I am sorry and excuse me. If you say I am sorry, you can say Извините. like you are really sorry about something you’ve done but you can say excuse me like you stepped on somebody’s foot in a train, you can say Извините.
22. Хорошо. good.
Okay Хорошо. okay good. When somebody asks you how are you doing Как дела? you can say Хорошо. Спасибо. I am good, thank you.
23. Помогите! Help
Помогите! help, help, help me somebody. Помогите! For example, you are in a big forest and you don’t know your way out, so you have to shout to let people hear this and you are like, Помогите! well it’s really rare situation. I hope you won’t be in that.
24. да yes.
да yes. Russian people say like да, да, да, да, да ... yes, yes, yes, yes….I agree да , да
25. нет no
нет “no”. нет. would you like to go to dinner with me? No нет
Thank you for watching and today, we did top 25 Russian phrases for daily conversation and don’t forget to subscribe for our channel. Thank you, bye, bye пока пока Oh God, I thank you. Thank you so much. You are so good. не за что