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Reporting errors

Posted: July 8th, 2018 8:02 pm
by robgrainger78_51678
I am pretty sure that there used to be a way to report bad flashcards and errors in flashcards, but for the life of me I can no longer find a way to do this. Has this facility been removed? if so why?
The reason I ask if because having now worked quite extensively through the 2000 most common.. wordlist, it is apparent that there are a few flashcards with some serious errors. A few have the wrong audio recorded for the text that is written, and even more worryingly, a few flashcards have completely the wrong translation.
As a paying subscriber to this website, I feel I should be able to ask questions and query the flashcards. Questions arising from the lessons can be asked in the comments section for each lesson which is great, but there seems to be no support for the flashcard system. I beg your pardon if I am just not seeing it but where I am supposed to get help on this issue. I posted another post on this forum a few weeks back and that seems to have not even been acknowledged. Do the site operators even look at this forum? Any help would be much appreciated.