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Adding words

Posted: June 21st, 2018 10:06 pm
by robgrainger78_51678
Hi, I don't know whether this has been proposed before but is there a way that learners could create their own flashcards to add to their decks? I think this would be a wonderful feature. I absolutely love the flashcard system used in RussianPod101 and it is by far the best and most user friendly system available.
There is one MASSIVE problem with it though. The dictionary and lists of words on the site are much too limited. There are loads and loads of really frequently used, common words which are just not in the dictionary at all in any form and hence cannot be added to the flashcard system for learning. So I currently have to use another system for learning all these 'other' words I find elsewhere in my learning.
It would be SO helpful if we could create our own local cards or perhaps contribute to a community of user cards so that all our flashcard learning could be done in one place - here on RussianPod101 !
Many thanks in anticipation of your answer