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Rude Roots Comments and Questions

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Rude Roots Comments and Questions

Postby superdog_51020 » October 28th, 2014 4:07 pm ... 7+Campaign

Hello RussianPod101.

???????? ???? ?? ??????? ????????.
Shimpanze igoot po loogovoii tropinke
The chimpanzees are walking down a path in the grasslands.
(your translation....).
So what is chimpanzee singular..?
Where are the roots of these words...?

....What do the roots teach us...?
How did the words come to be these words...?
....which words and expressions does this lead to?
....what sayings or proverbs or literary, or poetic or famous sentences are associated to these words?
....what verb is here used..?

...where is its conjuguaison page...? does

...hey! Man of the day Zuckerman learns Mandarin because he has Chinise family..
I learn Russian because i allegedly have Russian enemies..!!!!

I don't like how Facebook Zucks! Sorry! Sucks !
...As people like to say here ...!
I personally never, except for this pun, for what it us worth, use the expression..
What a concept...!..??
Why would i suck something i do Not like very much...???
Really !!!!


Does Zuck play "Go"....?

Best and friendliest,

? ????????
Ya plavanyeh...
..i am swimming....

Very close to English beaches ....
????? ?????? ? ?????????? ????am
ochin bliska k Angliski plyagem

B ????????? ?????.
V kirillitsa morieh
In cyrillic seas

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