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@ questions for newbie

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@ questions for newbie

Postby scottish2_51269 » December 14th, 2016 8:22 am


First off I just picked up Russian so have barely gotten into the course plus the language book I got (Living Language Russian)

I have two questions just for clarity.

The first regards HELLO


The phonetic spelling looks like the word ends in TE I have also seen it as TI depending on the source?!? But from the LL CD when the speaker is saying this it sounds like he is actually saying CHI at the end instead or TE or TI.

Being this is an English phonetics I would assume it should should like TI or TE but is the sound like he seems to be saying CHI

Second question is in this same basic expressions list i the word WELCOME

Добро пожаловать
dah-BRAW pahZHAN-le-vet'

I am assuming based on other lessons that this is welcome as in Welcome to our home type setting or welcome to Russia type thing not welcome as in YOUR WELCOME in response to Thank You that I assume is different form of the word welcome. Correct?


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Re: @ questions for newbie

Postby Ekaterina-OpenRussian » July 7th, 2017 3:46 pm

Hi Dave

I see your post is a bit older already but maybe my answer helps other learners as well :)

The ending of Здравствуйте is actually pronounced as "tje". I cannot think of an English word right now that has a similar sound in it but you can listen to it!

You are right about Добро пожаловать, it is used as "welcome to my house" for example. As a response to "thank you" you can say не за что - you can see examples for that when you search for this phrase on

Happy learning :D

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