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Do you know if you’re getting better at Russian?

If you’re like most self-learners, you don’t. It’s hard to know.

You may not know if you’ve improved this past month or even year. You don’t know what language mistakes you’re making and you may not even know your actual learning level.

Simply because as a learner, you can’t assess yourself. You need an assessment from language teachers and experts who will know if you’re actually improving.

Our team of teachers designed a free assessment test to:

  • Determine your actual learning level: Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.
  • Understand where you’re making mistakes.
  • Give you a learning path of lessons that are right for your level so you can start learning, make progress and speak and understand more of your target language.

So, if you want to get your language skills assessed, then take our new, Free Assessment test right now.

  • You’ll get your score instantly.
  • You’ll know where you’re making mistakes.
  • You’ll know your real learning level.
  • And we’ll give you a learning path of lessons based on your level… so you can start learning and start progressing.

Test your Russian: How to Get started for Free

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Here’s how you sign up and begin the test

Take the right path

First you complete the assessment test. When completed you will be given a score. Click the button that matches your score to access your learning path.

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