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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi there, welcome to Russian weekly words and you are with me Katyusha. I am going to teach you some Russian words but I don’t know which one yet. So we can check it out together. “Home electronics” - [Электроприборы - elektrapribory] and the first word is [духовка - dukhofka] - “oven”. [Я не могу готовить без духовки. - Ya ne magu gatovit' bes dukhofki.] - “I cannot cook without oven.”
Wow, it sounds long in Russian. [Посудомоечная машина - pasudamoyechnaya mashyna] - “dishwasher”. “Dish” in Russian is [посуда - pasuda], “washer” is [моечная - moyechnaya] but because washer is a noun, we have to make noun in Russia too, so we use [машина - mashyna] which means like “machine”. It makes like three words in two. [Посудомоечная машина - pasudamoyechnaya mashyna] - something that washes the dishes. [Моя мама мечтает о посудомоечной машине. - Moya mama mechtayet o posudomoyechnoy mashine.] - “My mom is dreaming about having a dishwasher.” We’ve not used a dishwasher, so it’s actually true. My mom is dreaming about it right now.
[пылесос - pylesos] - “vacuum cleaner”. In Russian, literally it’s “sucking the dust”. [Я использую пылесос три раза в неделю. - Ya ispol'zuyu pylesos tri raza v nedelyu.] - “I use vacuum cleaner three times a week.” Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit.
[холодильник - khaladil'nik] - “refrigerator”. Actually cold in Russian is [холод - kholat]. [Пожалуйста, положи яйца в холодильник. - Pazhalusta, palazhy yaytsa f khaladil'nik.] - “Please put eggs into the refrigerator”.
[стиральная машина - stiral'naya mashina] - “washing machine”. So, it`s have the same principle as with “dishwasher”, we have an adjective [стиральная - stiral'naya] which means “washing” and [машина - mashyna] - “machine”. [Я купила стиральную машину пять лет назад. - Ya kupila stiral'nuyu mashinu pyat' let nazat.] - “ I got my washing machine 5 years ago.” Oh it says the end. Something happened to my iPad. Where is the other electronics? Well I guess we will talk about something else next time, see you later [Пока-пока - paka-paka]