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Lesson Transcript

Woohoo! Hi, everyone! Today, me, Katya and you are gonna be discussing 15 Happy Words! Let's check it out!
1. счастливый (shchaslivyy) "happy"
That is actually "CH". Well, Russian CH, but it sounds more like "SH". So you should say (shchaslivyy) "happy".
"My friend is happy to meet me." Мой друг счастлив меня встретить. (Moy druk shchaslif menya fstretit'.)
2. добрый (dobryy) "kind"
"Oh, you are so kind!" Ой, ты такой добрый! (Oy, ty takoy dobryy!)
"You are so kind to me." Ты так ко мне добра. (Ty tak ka mne dabra.) Thank you. Спасибо. (Spasibo.)
3. замечательный (zamechatel'nyy) "great"
It's a bit longer than English version; you say great here, it's great there, but in Russian, no, you use it only something is really great. So you say, замечательный (zamechatel'nyy).
"This is a great day." Сегодня замечательный день. (Sevodnya zamechatel'nyy den'.)
4. красивый (krasivyy) "beautiful"
So make someone happy and tell them they're beautiful.
Oh! Она такая красивая (Ana takaya krasivaya) "She is so beautiful." or "These flowers are so beautiful." Эти цветы такие красивые. (Eti tsvety takie krasivye.)
5. нравиться (nravitsa) "to like"
"I like to hang out with you." Мне нравится гулять с тобой (Mne nravitsa gulyat' s taboy.)
6. смешной (smeshnoy) "funny"
Ты такой смешной. (Ty takoy smeshnoy) "You are so funny." or in case of a girl, Ты такая смешная. (Ty takaya smeshnaya.) "You are so funny, girl!"
7. энергичный (energichnyy) "lively, energetic"
энергии (energii) is "energy"
"Your friend is so energetic." Твой друг такой энергичный. (Tvoy druk takoy energichnyy.)
Like, maybe you like looking at him and he's dancing three hours straight and you're like, "Your friend is so energetic." Твой друг такой энергичный. (Tvoy druk takoy energichnyy.)
Wow, full of energy!
8. восторженный (vastorzhenyy) "excited"
"I was so excited to watch you dance." Я была восторжена, когда увидела, как ты танцуешь. (Ya byla vastarzhena, kagda uvidela, kak ty tantsuesh.)
"I was so excited when I saw you dancing." Я была восторжена, когда увидела, как ты танцуешь. (Ya byla vastarzhena, kagda uvidela, kak ty tantsuesh.)
9. позитивный (pazitivnyy) "positive"
"I try to stay positive all the time." Я стараюсь быть позитивной всё время (постоянно). (Ya starayus' byt' pazitivnay fsyo vremya (pastayana).)
10. расслабленный (raslablenyy) "relaxed"
"I am very relaxed right now." Я очень расслаблен сейчас. (Ya ochen' raslablen sechas.)
Somebody's giving you a massage you can say,
"Oh! I'm so relaxed." Я так расслаблен. (Ya tak rasslablen.)
11. сердечный (serdechnyy) "warm"
Warm personality; somebody is good to you.
Он очень сердечный. Его поступки очень сердечные. (On ochen' serdechnyy. Evo pastupki ochen' serdechnye. ) “He does everything from the bottom of his heart.”
It’s very very very kind and nice word and I think you should use it. You should remember it.
12. смеяться (smeyatsa) “to laugh”
Oh My God! Ah, “You make me laugh so much.” Ты меня заставляешь так смеяться! (Ty menya zastavlyaesh tak smeyatsa.)
13. Довольный (davol'nyy) “satisfied”
“I am so satisfied with my test results.” Я так довольна результатами своего экзамена (Ya tak davol'na rezul'tatami svaevo elzamena.)
14. любить (lyubit') “to love”
“I love jogging in the mornings.” Я люблю бегать по утрам “Ya lyublyu begat' pa utram.”
15. заботливый (zabotlivyy) “caring”
Забота (zabota) is a “care”.
Somebody’s care (zabota).
“My boyfriend is very caring.” Мой парень очень заботливый. (Moy paren' ochen' zabotlivyy.) It’s very nice.
Ok, so today it was Fifteen Happy Words for you in Russian and me, Katya. Hope you could remember some and use it in your daily life. So, don’t forget to subscribe and see you later. пока пока (paka-paka)!


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