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  5. Special Courses - Travel, Culture, Reading, Writing, Conversation & More: Get lessons based on your goals and needs. Learn to read and write, do grammar lessons, or just focus on speaking. It's up to you.
  6. 2,000 Must-Know Words List: Get all the words you need for conversational fluency. Use this with Slideshow Review, Flashcards and the Word Bank.
  7. Smart, Memory-Boosting Flashcards: Learn Russian words FAST with Flashcards that improve your memory and quiz you on words you struggle with.
  8. Your Personal Word Bank: Create your own personal word lists & printable study sheets.
  9. “Line-by-Line” Russian Conversations: Perfect your listening skills and master conversations. With the “Line-by-Line” Dialog, you can hear lines from the conversations again and again.
  10. Voice Recording to Perfect Your Pronunciation: Perfect your pronunciation by recording and comparing your Russian with native speakers'.
  11. Lesson Notes from Teachers: Get your lessons in writing and understand Russian 100%. Notes include translations, grammar and vocabulary tutorials.
  12. Read-Along Transcripts: Easily keep up with lessons and remember more. Learners who use transcripts focus better and learn Russian 2x faster.
  13. Progress Tools That Feed You Lessons: We guide you through the lessons - from lesson #1 to #2 to #3 - until you reach your goals.
  14. Bonus Dialogue & Review Tracks: Listen to just the Russian-only Dialogue Track or review the lesson’s grammar and vocab with the Review Track.
  15. Russian Books to Help You Read: PDF ebooks that get you reading faster, and build you up to advanced texts. For all levels: From Beginner to Advanced.
  16. Offline Learning: Download Lessons, Books & Lesson Notes and keep them on your device.
  17. Bonus App! Daily Dose of Russian: Get access to 365 days of language learning. FULL library of 365 mini-lessons and new lessons delivered daily, to any browser or device.
  18. Lesson Checklists, Review Quizzes, Feedback from Teachers and more!

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Click Here to Get 55% OFF
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Left in This Deal